Phenomenal Fit: Not slim, not boxy, the just-about-right-fit. The TRUE FIT, our most fundamental classic fit is not the boxy “classic” fit. The sides are gently trimmed-in to the natural body shape, but not to the extreme slim fit for gentlemen appreciating comfort and style.





Pristine Placket: Two Mother-of-pearl buttons lock-stitched in “x” formation, preventing unraveling. Our set-on placket has a classic balance inspired from the vintage knit shirt design of the 30s. It’s interfaced with non-woven fusible for a soft, downy touch.





Sublime Side Vent: Keeping it akin to the original tennis shirt detail, our side vent is made with the same color pique tape finished in the most precise construction, and reinforced with a bar tag for extra strength and tailored touch. Our signature embroidery logo floats just behind the vent around your waistband area, for a subtle but contemporary representation. Interior care label includes one extra button.





Superb Seams: The greatest difference you will find in our polo shirt compared to the rest of the world: All of the seams are constructed in French seams (Flat-felled seams). They take five times longer to finish the garment compared to the interlocked construction of other polo shirts usually found in the market, but we chose this technique with our belief in quality and pride in the craftsmanship. Our sleeves are trimmed with ribs in an advanced cover stitch construction, providing the maximum comfort and a clean fit around your arm. The fit and shape of our shirt will stay as it is, withstanding wash after wash. It is also our intention to create something this great, that it will become timeless and sustainable.







Finest Fabric: 100% Pima Cotton SIRO Spun 44/2 Pique. What makes our polo so significant and of higher quality than the others is the fabric. What this entails is a specially spin-twisted pure Pima Cotton, resulting in a far superior hand-feel than other polo shirts on the market.






Why Pima Cotton?

Pima is extra-long-staple cotton grown in the far West and Southwest of the US in very limited, exclusive productions. Its strength and uniformity are much higher than those of upland cotton. Pima is now the cotton of choice among the world’s fine-count yarn spinners because its strength only improves as durability increases over the span of a lifetime. The fineness of Pima cotton allows more fibers to be spun into a yarn of a given count, which enhances the softness, drape and color-brilliance of the fabric.



The 44/2 makes a difference.

The count of cotton is another way of measuring the fabric’s density. For the American scale, 1 to 20 counts are considered coarse. To better understand these ranges and textures, consider a basic, single-knit t-shirt is usually 20 to 40 count, and fine or luxury bed sheets often range from 40 to 80 count. The resulting count number is now widely used within the staple fiber industry.



What is SIRO spun yarn?

SIRO is a process of yarn spinning. This process weaves two-ply SIRO yarn into one at the ring-spinning machine to eliminate the usual twisting process.

• Increased yarn strength
• Silky-smooth yarn surface
• Eliminating yarn separation and twisting
• Far fewer broken hairs
• Far fewer nips and pilling
• Far fewer imperfections



Shrink Free

We use a controlled heating technique to pre-shrink our knits before the fabric is cut to be sewn. The Feldspar Brook polo retains its perfect shape through countless washes, resulting in almost 0% shrinkage over time.



Color Me Happy

Because our debut collection is piece-dyed (the fabric is dyed after knitting) with superior yarn quality, every Feldspar Brook polo maintains the very same vibrant hue as the day it was purchased, after many years of wash and wear. Coming soon- garment-dyed polos (and natural dyes)! 







Turn inside out!

Realize the major construction difference between our polo shirt versus a globally recognized brand's polo.